RayRay Burton runs and maintains this blog. He’s enthusiastic about SEO and Social Media Marketing. He has launched a number of online ventures, does SEO writing, provides SEO services and distributes a range of information products related to social media and internet marketing.

In 2011 Ray started marketing a range of products designed to help individuals and small businesses to understand social media sites and the importance of social signals for profitability. His product range includes in depth teaching on, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. He also has information about affiliate marketing, Kindle and Blogging tips and strategies for optimum results.

In 2011 he started providing website design and SEO services to offline clients. He now oversees the outsourcing requirements for small businesses as well as giving the personal touch to their social media marketing requirements.

In 2008 Ray became a founding member of Big Value Depot and worked on their executive team as a writer. Big Value Depot is an online auction site that sells everything from household products to lifestyle homes. His role now is to assist with marketing and promotion of their services.


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